currency guide to toon blast game

A Comprehensive Currency Guide to Toon Blast- Mobile Game

currency guide to toon blast game

The Toon Blast is a kind of exciting puzzle game based on cartoon characters with tons of challenging levels, missions, and tasks.

For making the game entertaining or fabulous, developers used different strategies, features, graphics, functions, and rewards. Passing each level offers a certain number of cool prizes and in game currencies as a bonus.

If you are a puzzle lover, then you should try Toon Blast once. As per you pass more levels, it enables the cartoon characters to travel in different magical worlds. It helps all players to explore unlimited joy, reduce daily life stress besides enhance mental skills.

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To run the game smoothly or to perform every task efficiently, you are suggested to earn in-game currencies in a more massive amount.

With the help of currencies, gamers can purchase every single item, boosters, bombs, and much more that helps to progress faster like no one another can.

If you don’t know anything about Toon Blast currencies, try to focus on the forthcoming content more. Here we are going to mention kinds of currencies and how to earn it more.


Coins are a single kind of currency used in the Toon Blast game, also named as primary as well as the premium currency. With coins, you can enhance overall playing performance by purchasing essential items or things.

As it is a single currency used in the game, it’s not an easy task to earn it quickly. Users need to follow more steps of obtaining currencies besides the need to spend some effort. But don’t get panic here; you’ll get some easy way to coins.

Role of coins

Coins can be used for a different purpose in Toon Blast game for example-

  • Boosters

Boosters help to make a big blast in cubes that help gamers to pass more than half a level at once. In simple words, we can say that boosters are used to destroy a high number of cubes at a single time without facing any issue.

It permits all the users to pass the level as soon as possible, like no one another can. In order to grab more benefits, try to use boosters correctly and timely without wasting it in simple levels.

In early stages, users get a certain number of boosters for free, but with leveling up, they need to buy it with coins.

  • Refill life

Players get specific experience in the game to play the levels. In simple words, they can perform certain standards in a limited number of times due to life. As the number of playing time is limited, they don’t get a chance to move to the next level. But refilling life permits an individual to repeat the level quickly and progress smoothly.

With the help of coins, gamers can grab the benefit of refilling life as per needs or requirements. It helps you to enjoy every puzzle/level without getting stressed besides enhancing mental skills more.

How to earn coins?

  • Pass missions, events, and challenges
  • Find special combos
  • Login daily
  • Join or create a mighty team.

Moreover, to earn free coins in toon blast game, you can choose to use these hacks for toon blast game. These are nothing but a real and working provisions available in the game itself.