dragon city features

Top Dragon City Game Features You Must Know

dragon city features

The variable resources make the Dragon City game more social with better interactions. The mechanics of the game is based and designed on a community template.

This community involves the friends’ circle of a player. It is this feature that enables the game to:

  • Make the best of the Facebook platform
  • Ensure the enhancement of viral spread value and
  • Retain players.

It all depends on the efforts that a player needs to put in to play the game, but it is the interactions that help the players to identify whether these are soft or hard.

Soft and hard interactions

As per the soft interactions, the game provides:

  • The ability of the players to exchange gifts with their friends, which they can choose from the list. In return, players can expect a return gift from the friends they have chosen. This creates a cycle and encourages transactions between the participants of the game in a social circle and
  • It enables the players to use their friends to gather different resources such as the Tavern, any particular building, other players, and friends. The number of resources received is directly proportional to the number of friends the players select.

As for the hard-social interactions, the players can use their friends to open different buildings that they have previously purchased using the soft currency of the game.

When there is a constraint placed on such dimensions, it will make it very difficult for you and you will need to either:

  • Seek help from your friends to unlock the buildings and continue proceeding or
  • Spend real currency if you do not have friends or do not want to take their help even if you have them.

Ideally, when you unlock higher buildings to obtain them, you will need to get the approval of your friends. If you do not, then you will have to break the locks using hard currency. If you are in a hurry and want free in game currency in dragon city game then check out this post from nosurveynohumanverification : – https://www.nosurveynohumanverification.com/dragon-city-hack-and-cheats-for-free-gems-gold-no-survey/

Using the dragons

You will be able to create a set of stunning dragons that will act as your spokesman willingly while you play the game. However, you will need to invite new players into the game to test it out.

  • As it is, earning new players is not easy in this game for unlocking the dragons. When you can gain new players, it will always be rewarding and profitable.
  • This is also an attractive way to unlock unique dragons, which would seem to be impossible to access if you use any other means.

In short, making new players from your friend list will increase the viral spread through the reward system.

Variables and resources

Just like in any game, Dragon City provides a set of useful variables and resources that will help you to purchase almost every asset in the game. The types of variables and resources available in the game are:

  • Gold as the primary soft currency
  • Food as the secondary soft currency
  • An experience that helps in leveling up
  • Gems as the hard currency and
  • Time as the constraint variable.

All these resources and variables will ensure your progression in the game.