How to Get Free Gems In Hotel Empire Tycoon


Mobile games are becoming famous day by day, and today The Hotel Empire Tycoon is the most demanded game. It is offered by Codigames for the iOS and Android devices.

The gamer can install it by Google store or official game website. You will get a wonderful experience with the business of hotels, and the player is in a manager role.

The manager of the hotel is the main character for various tasks, and he wants to be rich in unlocking new rooms. There are lots of boosters and power packs for growing quickly.

Easy controls for the game are amazing for playing, and we can see HD visuals in it for ultimate gaining. The game is free of cost, but for better gameplay, one should pay some amount of money.

In the game, a few resources and currency are also effective for achievements. Cash and gems are the basic currency for everyone. Both are used for grabbing some new things for expanding the hotels.

Cash is the main currency for upgrading many services in the game, and the users have to collect a big amount of it. You should work on your playing skills for it. Here we are providing pro methods for earning an unlimited amount of currency.

Focus on Star Rating 

The star rating of the hotel is good for profits because it indicates the services. The player should learn how to increase the rating for getting success.

Everyone knows about the role of the currency, and some of the players are wisely collect cash for upcoming tasks.

Complete Several Challenges 

The game consists of many challenging tasks for leveling up, and they are not much hard for us. Do some upgrading tasks and expand the services of your hotel by inviting more new guests.

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Some VIP guests are a big chance to earn high, and the manager must impress them with his services. The player should also be aware of the timing that is displayed on the screen.

Connect with Facebook 

Many players get benefits by connecting the game with Facebook. We can also send a playing request for active users. In the regular time period, we also get some new updates and news regarding the game. It is one of the basic ways of obtaining many rewards and currency

Watch Ad Videos 

While we are playing in the game, promotional ads are flashing on it. Some of the players skip it, but you have to watch them.

They are profitable for opening many new items, and some videos have a free link for currency. The link is placed at the end of the videos, so we need to watch them till the end.

After getting the currency, we have to invest in smartly and save some currency. The users need to avoid spending it on useless things.

These all listed methods are 100 % safe to use, and all are legal for grabbing currency. The game is giving a mind-blowing experience to every present user in the gameplay.

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Interesting Features of The Slotomania Game


Slotomania is a mobile-based casino game, and it is one of the leading games nowadays. The game consists of lots of slot machines and pokers so you should spend some chips for getting wonderful prizes.

It is created by Playtika for various operating platforms like Xbox, android, IOS and Windows mobile. Millions of online players are connected with it, and they all are getting authentic casino experience in it. The game is free to use, but for a better experience, we have to pay money.

In the beginning, learning about the gameplay is keys to success because we are new on it and that why we have no idea about it.

The game is all about money and currency, so the players have to deal in carefully. Coins are a major currency for investing in different small games, and with it, we can generate beneficial rewards or resources. The players can start with a clear guide for playing well in it, and here we are showing some essential steps for it.

Easily download

Anyone can quickly download it from Apple Appstore, Google store or official game website. The players have to go with the latest version of it because in which you will not need to pay extra money for new features. The users should ensure some necessary requirements for downloading it.

Complete installation

After downloading the game, you can start the installation. It is automatically correcting some problems and fits in our device.

The player should confirm much permission, and they are important for running perfectly. We should allow it for several notifications and reminders.

Create your playing account

In the display, some kinds of login methods are shown in it, and we can go with Facebook. By it, you will get some surprises, and they are effective for unlocking new slot machine. Some rewards are helpful for improving the playing techniques.

The players should not skip some stunning features that make the game more popular. Such is also good for smooth playing, and in the below sections we are describing them.

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Kinds of features 

  • Awesome slots
  • Stay Connect with friends
  • Easy to play

Awesome slots 

Features are showing more about the gameplay and in which you can be a grand jackpot winner with slot machines. We have to spend some amount of chips for some slots, and they are providing various glorious rewards.

Stay connected with friends 

The game allows us to connect with social friends, and it is also providing more chances to grab a wining title. You can follow the game community on facebook and get additional coins freely. Share the game link in promotional events to earn handsome rewards.

Easy to play 

In which the player will not go through complex missions or tasks, so it is simple for everyone. With different pokers and games, we can test our luck. The gameplay is not partial for anyone, and you can grow because of your playing skills.

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