Mario Kart Tour – A Complete Guide about Features, Currency and Gameplay!

mario kart tour complete guide

Before starting with anything, one simply has to know that the Mario Kart Tour is created by Nintendo Co., Ltd. and it includes under the action gaming category.

Another main thing which the players should know is that they are provided with classic features, easy and attractive gameplay and all other things such as events, objectives and challenges as well.

All these things are later in the post which gamers need to know and then start playing it to make progress.

Features of Mario Kart Tour

Below are mentioned some main features of Mario Kart Tour that every gamer should know before start playing Mario Kart Tour.

Also, they should know that due to features the game become impressive among all others.

  1. The game includes an in-app purchases feature. Due to which gamers easily buy all things such as currency, rewards and many other as well using real-life money.
  2. All the graphics of Mario Kart Tour are of high-quality and it contains a good sound system that almost provides realistic gaming experience.
  3. Another classic feature is that the game includes 2 main forms of currency which are present in the form of coins and rubies. Also, there are numerous rewards present.
  4. Mario Kart Tour contains lots of classic events, objectives and challenges which gamers should complete as to go ahead by earning a good amount of rewards or currency.
  5. Mario kart tour also includes some of the iconic mario game characters that you would love to play with them. Here is a complete mario kart tour best character list for you to know about all of them.

So, these are the best and classic features of Mario Kart Tour that make the game impressive and mind-blowing among all others.

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Gameplay of Mario Kart Tour

Gameplay of the particular game is very easy which all players easily understand and then play the game accordingly.

Now only is this, as you know that there are numerous classic levels present, so gamers need to complete them more and more as to make further progress.

Also, there are numerous events, objectives and challenges present in the gameplay which players need to complete to make progress.

To know everything about Mario Kart Tour, one simply has to read the reviews related to the game online.

In the game, players are provided with a game tutorial. With the same they simply know how to play Mario Kart Tour and what’s inside the game.

2 forms of in-game currency

In the particular game, there are 2 main forms of currency present. Players need to earn them in good amount as to make progress by completing all essential tasks or activities. Below are those main 2 types of currency.

  1. Coins – it is used for buying anything in Mario Kart Tour.
  2. Rubies – these are used for upgrading many things and unlocking items in the game.

Also, gamers need to pay attention on earning currency in all forms. They simply get them accomplishing more number of events, challenges and objectives as well.

Gamers also buy the currency from using in-app purchases using their real-life money. Also, they get currency and rewards by connecting the game with their Facebook account.

A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to IMVU- Mobile Game!

beginners guide to imvu game

Lots of virtual life or world games are out there by the game industry, IMVU is one of them getting more love by the players.

The game is a totally virtual world life game in which you need to create a 3D avatar that plays an entire role in the game. Also, you need to dress up the Avtar in a way that reflects your style, personality as well as goodies.

Players can meet with other users in the game and can chat with them freely. It allows them to make new superb friends in order to explore endless fun besides reduce mental stress. One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices.

There is no need to pay charges for playing or downloading the game as it is entirely free available, but some features are purchasable.

Lots of exciting roles, tasks, levels, challenges, rewards, missions added in the game that you can enjoy without facing any issue. If you are a beginner in the IMVU game, try to focus on the forthcoming content more.

Here we are going to mention all those facts that every player needs to know for playing smoothly besides exploring more fun.

Play the tutorial

In order to understand all game basics, controls, features, functions of the game, try to play the tutorial part correctly. Not only it helps you to understand the restrictions, it also helps to learn how to play like a pro or what you need to do. So, every user is suggested to complete the tutorial part carefully for understanding the purpose and system of the game.

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Connect with social life

Well, IMVU is a great social life game where an individual can meet various users besides can chat with them.

Gamers can easily connect with social life besides can enjoy the game more for reducing all mental stress. It permits all the users to complete their dream job in the game and learn how to progress faster.

To chat with other users, you need to keep on the 3D chat option available on the game screen. Also, there is no need to add to each friend as you can participate in group discussions too.


For creating your Avatar more beautiful or attractive, you can try the latest outfits as well as brands. There are various items, features, things added in the game that players can use for performing different tasks.

With the help of in-game currencies, they can purchase all items besides can play smoothly without getting stressed. Don’t forget that the Avatar reflects the personality or style of the gamer, so they need to keep it stylish.

In-game currencies

In imvu earn credits more as they are most valuable resource in the game. As we mentioned above, to progress in the game faster, playing smoothly, purchasing every single element or item, users need to use in-game currencies.

There are three kinds of currencies used in the IMVU game that plays a significant role and contains their benefits. Every user is suggested to collect all currencies in a more massive amount for gaining an array of benefits.

  • Credits
  • Promotional credits
  • Developer tokens

Summoners War Game Secrets You Should Crack

Summoners War Game Secrets

The recent craze is to use cheat codes and hacks to open the tough and expensive levels of summoners war game in the video gaming zone.

With the use hacks and cheat codes, you can get the advantage of playing games for free without updating them or spending money on the each new level designed for you.

Hacking tools and cheat codes are an amazing alternative to enjoy games for free as they give you the chance to open difficult levels as well as collect bonus points giving you the flexibility to utilize the points according to your needs.

Using summoners war sky arena hack you can make use of the points and rewards to stay ahead in the game.

Exploring the Truth about Summoners War Hacks and Ways

If you are a game addict but have got stuck at any level or point which makes it impossible for you to move forward, you can get your hands on the hacks and codes which gives you the chance to open them with ease.

As there are so many times when you need to open up the tools and levels of the game, you need the hacks to crack open the doors to move forward and enjoy the game better.

Just punching a code can give you a wide access and innumerable advantages in your game. Avail the opportunity to crack levels with summoners war sky arena hack and have a great time playing.

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Ways to avail cheats

You can get the summoners war cheats from online websites that can be used for getting the levels of your desire in the games.

The cheat codes are useful in many ways and forms, the latest being able to open new points and bonus cards while playing the game and staying ahead of the other players without any extra spending.

The hacks and tools are for free, and the websites do not charge you anything extra apart from your regular gaming sessions but make them super exciting.

Get your latest manual to learn how to hack summoners war to experience a different world in gaming.

Get genuine codes

It is true that the summoners war sky arena hack tool is a great demand in the market, and everybody is trying to get their hands on the same.

You need to visit the websites that gives you the codes and cheats for free and always keep the updated codes so that you do not end up downloading any used code from the site.

The codes and cheats are safe to use as well as the hacking tools and devices. You can avail the best summoners war hack and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions for free.

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Get latest offers

The websites are always offering summoners war sky arena cheats for your advantage. You can download and use them while playing to crack open difficult levels which seem impossible to cross or avail extra points with so many deals and offers.

These devices are customized to make your gaming experience smooth so that you can enjoy better without spending any money on them.

There are other features too which you can avail using crack codes and hacks such as going to the opponents’ zone and revealing secret plots and strategies.

Using the most amazing tutorials on how to hack summoners war you can get the best advantage from the deal.

Reasons to crack codes

With the use of the summoners war sky arena hack tool, you will be able to crack the updated codes and cheats as well as find a way to crack open into their system without any issues.

It is one amazing experience to avail the latest tools and techniques and improve your games with the added advantage.

There are many websites that give you the cheats and hacks at regular intervals that can be sued to crack codes and add bonus points in the game. Avail the latest summoners war hack and beat your opponents.

My Story Choose Your Own Path Currency Guide

my story choose your own path currency guide

My Story is a simulation game that millions of gamers play. With simple controls and great gameplay, this amazing game is so addictive for every player love to play it.

Now the major thing about it is that it’s a solo game, but the chapters in it are so interesting, so players never feel bored of it.

Mobile gaming industry is growing so rapidly because the developers have to put their new concepts and efforts to make new and amazing games that players love.

My Story is also a popular game if you love reading books and stories, and then it will be the best thing in your mobile device. There are two benefits of the game players can read and play in the stories as well.

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Complete daily tasks

In order to complete any game, it is quite important to do every important thing. Tasks are an important part of My Story game where players will have to do some small and short tasks which will be related to the game as well.

Every week and day, new tasks come, but it is not fixed. Sometimes it takes many days for tasks. But remember one thing that when you enter a task but complete it because only completing will provide rewards. Sometimes it is so hard to complete, and sometimes it is easy to do.

  • Give suitable answers

It is one of the best my story cheats for gamers that when they play and chapter, just remember one thing, and it is that it always gives a suitable and useful answer. It is because the next question will be on the basis of the previous answer, so always choose a right and suitable answer while completing the game. Every Story has a different storyline, and it depends on the gamer how much do they understand the situation and give the right answer.

  • Complete every major Story

There are so many chapters in-game, and every chapter is categorized into several categories. There are some important and popular chapters in the game and if you are willing to find them for reading. It will be easily available and recognizable at the top row of the game store. It makes it easy for gamers to find to right and most popular games. Every user has their choice to choose to read, and they can easily find what they are looking for.

  • Find your favorite stories

It’s a great thing in-game that if you like any story, you can easily put in the favorite category so you can easily find that Story in the store or library. There are so many great features available in the game, and choosing the favorite Story is one of them. Unlike any other simulation game, it is very interesting and easy to understand.

However, the popularity of My Story is getting higher day by day, and there is no issue in it. Developers are also doing every possible thing to make it easier to play and provide more great stories.

currency guide to toon blast game

A Comprehensive Currency Guide to Toon Blast- Mobile Game

currency guide to toon blast game

The Toon Blast is a kind of exciting puzzle game based on cartoon characters with tons of challenging levels, missions, and tasks.

For making the game entertaining or fabulous, developers used different strategies, features, graphics, functions, and rewards. Passing each level offers a certain number of cool prizes and in game currencies as a bonus.

If you are a puzzle lover, then you should try Toon Blast once. As per you pass more levels, it enables the cartoon characters to travel in different magical worlds. It helps all players to explore unlimited joy, reduce daily life stress besides enhance mental skills.

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To run the game smoothly or to perform every task efficiently, you are suggested to earn in-game currencies in a more massive amount.

With the help of currencies, gamers can purchase every single item, boosters, bombs, and much more that helps to progress faster like no one another can.

If you don’t know anything about Toon Blast currencies, try to focus on the forthcoming content more. Here we are going to mention kinds of currencies and how to earn it more.


Coins are a single kind of currency used in the Toon Blast game, also named as primary as well as the premium currency. With coins, you can enhance overall playing performance by purchasing essential items or things.

As it is a single currency used in the game, it’s not an easy task to earn it quickly. Users need to follow more steps of obtaining currencies besides the need to spend some effort. But don’t get panic here; you’ll get some easy way to coins.

Role of coins

Coins can be used for a different purpose in Toon Blast game for example-

  • Boosters

Boosters help to make a big blast in cubes that help gamers to pass more than half a level at once. In simple words, we can say that boosters are used to destroy a high number of cubes at a single time without facing any issue.

It permits all the users to pass the level as soon as possible, like no one another can. In order to grab more benefits, try to use boosters correctly and timely without wasting it in simple levels.

In early stages, users get a certain number of boosters for free, but with leveling up, they need to buy it with coins.

  • Refill life

Players get specific experience in the game to play the levels. In simple words, they can perform certain standards in a limited number of times due to life. As the number of playing time is limited, they don’t get a chance to move to the next level. But refilling life permits an individual to repeat the level quickly and progress smoothly.

With the help of coins, gamers can grab the benefit of refilling life as per needs or requirements. It helps you to enjoy every puzzle/level without getting stressed besides enhancing mental skills more.

How to earn coins?

  • Pass missions, events, and challenges
  • Find special combos
  • Login daily
  • Join or create a mighty team.

Moreover, to earn free coins in toon blast game, you can choose to use these hacks for toon blast game. These are nothing but a real and working provisions available in the game itself.

Getting Access to Moviestarplanet Cheats Can Help You in Various Ways

access to moviestarplanet cheats

There are lots of kids that play the online game of Moviestar Planet. If you belong to the same group, you must be aware of the techniques and rules of the game.

You will have to dress up your favorite movie star and accumulate coins. The more coins you have, higher are the chances of becoming a VIP player.

However, the entire things might sound easy, but it is not that easy. You will have to play hard in order to achieve coins and reach the mission.

As a result, you might often end up getting frustrated. In such a situation, you will have to find an alternate way.

Become a VIP Member with Easy Moviestarplanet Login

It goes without saying that among the various online games in facebook or iTunes today, MovieStar Planet is one of them.

It can be enjoyed in various platforms including iOS and Android. Recently, there are many players that have subscribed to this game, and they love playing it in several platforms.

While playing the game, it is obvious that you want to focus on improving the performance of the game.

Well, there are several ways of doing it so that you can earn more star coins and move up to different levels.

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Becoming a VIP Member:

There are many players that want to become VIP players in the game. However, this needs lots of efforts which many players are not able to give.

If you belong to the same group, the best thing that you can do is to go for moviestar planet hack. There are lots of ways through which you can hack the game by means of which you can get what you want.

There is nothing to bother about using moviestarplanet free vip cheats because there is nothing illegitimate in it. As a result, it can prove to be greatly satisfactory for you, as a whole

Promoting Different Websites:

You can expect to find several websites where you will get the opportunity of moviestarplanet login. These websites offer free tools or free codes so that you can get start coins and become VIP.

The only thing that you will have to do in return is to promote a site. This is an easy task, and you will not have to give much time and effort. In return, you will get such great things for playing movie star planet.

This is the reason why the popularity of hacking and cheating has increased and you can also go for the same in order to achieve the best.

The Best Alternative:

If you are desperate to earn coins, but are tired of following the way of getting it, you can look forward to getting an alternate option.

The best thing that you can do is to go for moviestar planet hack. Initially, this might sound weird, but this is not at all the case.

There are many players that go for hacking the game. The process is easy, and you will not have to experience huge difficulty in the process.

Moreover, if you research well, you will also find lots of options for moviestarplanet cheats that will give you the source of the best alternative.

Start Your Research Now:

Well, if you are wondering how to go for moviestarplanet login, the best thing that you can do is to start your research now.

There are lots of websites that will give you information regarding this. Apart from that, you can also expect to find websites offering free codes so that you can get cheats or coins that you desire to play movie star planet.

This can turn out to be highly satisfactory for you, and you will love playing the game.

WWE Supercard Game Tricks Guides and Cheats

wwe supercard game tricks

There are so many games available on our whole which serves excellent entertainment at home and office.

We all work hard in the offices to earn our daily wages to run all the necessary proceedings of life.

In this race of making money for life, we forget to get all the vital entertainment and refreshment which is required to work again in the offices.

Many studies confirm that the person who regularly plays mobile gaming is more mentally fit than the other person in the world.

There are so many things which we all need to know before playing any game like, WWE supercard.

WWE Supercard Game Tricks Tips and Cheats

The game asks you to collect some vital information about the gameplay of the game, which is very useful to play the game like a professional.

You are always free to visit all the gaming sites, which help us to get all the basics of the game. You can visit some internet gaming sites which have detailed knowledge about the gameplay of the WWE super card.

Also, try to get some useful tools to control things in the game, every site has numerous amount of tools which help all the gamers of the world to get all the best of experience of playing the game nicely over the mobile and tablets which we all daily use in our life to minimize our primary efforts.

Below I will try my level best to throw light on the gameplay of the WWE super card. You need to read the whole article to get all the information about the gameplay of the game.

Best of Tips for WWE Supercard

  • The game basics are straightforward, and you need to play the game as you are a real wrestler in the game. There are so many things in the game from which you can choose your particular style of playing.
  • You can customize your players in the game, which is also a significant advantage for the gamers who play the game regularly in mobile phones. It is better to use all the modes of the game to get all the best of wrestling game experience in the game.
  • To earn all the money or the currencies in the game, you need to win some matches. If you can gain a fair amount of wrestling matches in the game, then you ready to get all the essential currency to update all the things related to the power-ups of the cards and players of the game.
  • YouTube is the best place to visit to get all the secrets of playing the WWE super card in the game. There are numerous amounts of videos available on YouTube, which help you to get all the essential money or the currency of the game.

Finally, I can say that all the lines given above are enough to provide you ample help in playing the game like wwe super card.

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Learn How To Play The Sims Mobile With Perfection!

how to play the sims mobile

The Sims Mobile is a freemium game that you can download from your on-device app store. You can play this game whenever you want to enhance your game experience and get unlimited fun.

To start playing this game, you should learn all about its various aspects. In this game, you need to create sims and manage them in a proper manner.

The main goal of the players is to make the sims happy. Well, there are many other things that also have great importance in the game.

Players should always follow the imperative the sims mobile free simcash hack provided by experts as well as proficient players to become the master.

If you are new to this game, then never forget to customize your character. You can easily customize the body features as well as the outfit of your character to make it look impressive.

Learn how to play the sims mobile

Beginners should always learn the art of playing the game with perfection. If you are a beginner, then you should understand the various aspects of The Sims Mobile.

This game also offers a tutorial at the beginning for the convenience of beginners. With the help of this tutorial, players can easily learn how to play the game in a better way.

In addition to this, players can also follow the instructions provided by experts on the internet. There are many online guides that can help you to play the game in the right manner.

Important tips for players

In order to be a superior player in The Sims Mobile, you should learn all about the game. With the help of playing the game in a perfect manner, you can easily level up faster and achieve a better position in no time.

Some important tips that beginners should never ignore are listed below.

  • The most important task for the players is to earn in-game currencies and resources. There are several currencies available – simcash, simoleons, and lifestyle points. These currencies can be easily earned in the game.
  • Players should also spend the currencies wisely to make a better position in the game. With the help of spending currencies in a right manner, players can easily achieve a desired ranking in the game.
  • Players should complete some daily tasks as well as challenges on a daily basis to get plenty of amazing rewards. They can get various types of currencies as well as in-game items in the form of rewards.
  • Beginners should also complete some career chapters to improve the career of their sims. It will not only help them to level up faster but also offer some amazing rewards. Focus on this tip to become an advanced player of the game.

With the help of all these tips, you can easily improve your performance in the game. In addition to this, you can also boost up your progress speed.

I hope, this guide will help you to know all about the gameplay as well as other main aspects of the game.